Rogue’s Labyrinth–success!

I’m proud to say that my 7DRL for this year, Rogue’s Labriynth, has been completed and is fully playable (it’s my bestest creation ever!). In this 7DRL, you travel through a maze filled with bloodthirsty yet nearsighted guardians who hold the keys to the labyrinth  Unfortunately, being only human, you can’t harm these massive and nigh-invincible creatures, who have been conjured up by the long dead Rogue of yore to protect his Amulet until he should return. You must find a way to trick them into killing each other so you can pick up the keys they hold. Descend seven levels into the dungeon to retrieve the legendary Amulet of Rodney and save your people!


There are a few more things I would add if I had the time, but I was cut off and was barely able to debug and polish what I had. Here’s what I would add, if I could:

– Alternate ways to escape the guardians
– More items with interesting effects on the player and the guardians
– More ways to interact with the map and with the mobs
– A more interesting AI for the guardians (right now they just wander around until they see you)

Nevertheless, as it stands, the game is fully playable, and I’m very satisfied with it. You can find a link to the final build here–please let me know if you run into any bugs. Also, a shoutout to the other developers of the 7DRL this year–it’s been great! I look forward to enjoying the games you all made.

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