The Aurora Wager – Gameplay

The game is about you (Jebe) and your buddy (Frits), your arch nemesis (Frederik), and your wager to see who can make it to the North Pole first. By hot air balloon, naturally!

You will face many perils on your way North, and you will have to frequently pop down and explore to find the materials you need to succeed.

Here’s some 40 minutes gameplay:

Download The Aurora Wager at

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  1. Okay — this is intriguing! I’m a little confused about how to steer the balloon, to be honest, but the premise sounds wonderful. How do we go about collecting items for the balloon, or is that something that was cut? Where is this grappling hook? How do we know how far we’ve gone?

    1. Hey Kungfu!

      Well, the balloon goes up and down. The rest is up to the wind! To control your direction you can vary altitude to catch different streams, though to be honest that’s more of a future thing.

      Items, like the grappling hook, can be found. Keep an eye open.

      We had to cut all of the items that helped you find your bearings (except for the compass), so until we add them just go with the flow!

      Also, make sure you get the Version 2 download I uploaded just an hour ago. The links in the original post should now be updated, but just to be sure:

      Download Version 2:



      Use: Left Mouse Button (Or E)
      Pick up: Right Mouse Button (Or Q)
      Jump: Space
      Run: Shift
      Cancel: Left Control (Should no longer be needed)

      1. SWEET! Will try this new build tonight. Question — next to the…fire making thing that fills up the balloon, there’s the…white smoke/vapor thingy. What does that do, exactly?

        1. The white vapor thing is the pressure release valve for the balloon. As you open it, the temperature in the balloon gets lower and you start going down.

          So the trick in flying the balloon is careful management between burning fuel to go up and releasing pressure to go down.

          Version 2 has a crosshair which displays the name of any usable item you look at, which should help clarify things.

          Let me know how you get on with the game, and enjoy!

          1. Brilliant! Okay, so the text labels on stuff is quite helpful. Wasn’t able to find the grappling hook. It appears that the wavy lines in the sky help you determine which direction you’re going, which is cool — I’m sure if I could spot wavy lines travelling in the direction I want to go I could adjust my altitude accordingly.

            I did get bored at one point and jump out of the balloon. Managed to land on a mountain range I hadn’t been on and noticed something in the distance. Just was I was getting near it (a random assortment of containers) I fell through the geometry. Sigh! This is a very cool premise, please keep us updated on how it is coming along!

          2. @Kungu:

            The wavy lines show you what the wind is doing around you, they flow along with every little gust of wind. After fixing some more pressing bugs I’ll indeed make it so you can spot distant streams this way, so you can catch them and change direction. At the moment the wind direction is not really diverse enough.

            We tried to strike a balance between ‘being’ and ‘doing’, it’s meant to be a slow game. But we’ll certainly be adding extra stuff to do both on the ground and in the air.

            Lastly, sorry to hear your experience ended with a bug! I’ll see if I can reproduce and fix it.

            Thanks so much for playing!

    1. We started out with a roguelike design on paper:

      – Perma-death (in)
      – Heavy survival theme (somewhat in)
      – Randomized levels (somewhat in)
      – Randomized item stats (out)
      – Some combat (out)
      – Nothing turn-based, but certainly a different pace than other real-time games (in)

      Some of those features will still make it in; others… Well I guess you’re right in that this didn’t turn out to be a roguelike, certainly not in any strict sense. We just went with what felt right and what we could get finished in time, not worrying to much about our initial design document. This is what came out. 🙂

    1. Yep, we are!

      Next update will include some fixes, split screen multiplayer, and a small selection of playable characters that Robin already modeled during the challenge but that I couldn’t get in in time.

      After that come new gameplay elements and much more variation in the islands.

      Stay tuned, and blue skies!

  2. Brilliant game! However, i’ve just installed this on my windows 7 pc and all works well but the mouse is VERY sluggish. Is there anyway i can fix this or is this a system related problem?


  3. Great game! did have bad luck at one point by accidentally dropping my compass out of the balloon lol, but other than that its a sweet game, be cool to add more stuff to do in the air though.

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