Urwald – day 7 – FAIL

Well, I sort of saw it coming 🙂

Pic from today, poachers set to hate poachers:
Urwald - day 7 - that escalated quickly
“That escalated quickly” sort of pic 😉

  1. I wanted at least few animal classes with different behaviours.
    1. Haven’t done that
  2. In it’s current form it’s totally unbalanced, poachers are shooting
    deers like ducks! NOEZ!!!!
  3. I wanted to have’ board 1024×1024 with view 65×65
    1. Had to shrink that due to performance reasons
  4. Wanted to have maaany entities
    1. Currently there’s about 700, so I wouldn’t say it’s many,
      not to mention the fact, that poachers kill most of deers during initial turns…
  5. Main lesson: I had some initial code, but definitelly not enough, to make proper game. I’ll probably try next year.
    Another thing, have really detailed plan, I had only few points, so it wasn’t well planned.
    Btw, it’s really motivating, knowing, that hundreds of other people are also working 🙂

    One more funny pic from todays
    Urwald - day 7
    I’ve managed to move, and two poachers killed one another 😀

    If anyone would like to try, here is download:

    That would be all I guess.

    (edit: modified links, so they point directly to bigger version of imgs)

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    1. hehe yups, the ‘events’ might not come in order, so I had to do “message sorting”, adding this was really easy in this case 🙂
      Regarding advices, I’ll probably write some longer comment, or even separate entry, I was tired and sleepy yesterday, so the post is sort of messy 🙂

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