ZombieRX – Rouge Like







Failed –  while i have a semi game like thing a lot of  the stuff and depth i wanted to implement didn’t get finished.

There is no Skill Progression, advanced combat, traps or character advancement

While I did finish quite a bit of the graphical resources  not enough of them are done to create interesting areas. My world generation can use quite a lot of tweaking example below the blocks are too small and while the houses and other building  like the one below look decent more content is needed to give the buildings a sense of purpose to make them look like a house, convince store hospital. though in all i’m fairly happy with how my world generation is turning out just need to a just the plot sizes and road creation and find a better balance with the variation of commercial, residential and industrial distribution.

Game play wise I was only able to get to base character stats, movement and very simple combat with out skills or equipment. I spent too much time on the graphics and code to let the world generate it self but this has been a fun and entertaining challenge and I hope to finish the game with a polished gui and world interaction in my spare time. I’m also sad that I haven’t had a chance to go over my tiles for the final processing to add the additional shadows that my over lay and fringe tiles normally end up getting I posted them so that people can use them just contact me and let me know, and give me creadit

you can read more about what I worked on and did on my blog


I’ll also post a link to the game when finished there. The code compiles and runs on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux with out any changes so expect releases for all three when I’m done. Thank you everyone for the fun challenge and i look forward to next years competition


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