7DRL Success: Swift Swurd


Download (Windows .exe and python source)
Controls are shown in the game. Collect three pieces of treasure to win.

I wanted to inject some historical swashbuckling drama into the dour world of bumping into things to attack them, and I’m pretty happy with how this turned out, although I had to cut a lot for lack of time. It uses a mechanic similar to Dark Souls’ stamina to keep you moving back and forth while fencing. The text in the game is in Scots.

It’s made in Python with libtcod 1.5.2. If anyone is able to help with making a mac or linux build, that would be fantastic.


2 thoughts on “7DRL Success: Swift Swurd”

  1. Why do you need a Linux build ? You’re using Python. Just plop in the linux .so objects from the libtcod downloads page and it’ll run fine. For my application I modified libtcod.py to load the 32 bit or the 64bit .so depending on sys.maxsize, but you can just provide separate downloads for each arch. Or even just provide the 64bit one (I’d imagine its the more common arch these days) and mention in the README where to get the 32bit library.

    1. Thanks! I’ve put in the three .so files (not the ones including “debug”) from the 64 bit distribution, and a note about where to get anything else. Hopefully this should do the trick,

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