Possession Bugfix Update

Just a small update to fix the only bug I’ve had reported, namely that possessing a summoned zombie caused the game to crash. If you have a saved game WITH summoned zombies and try to possess them, it’ll still crash, but any new games (or really, any new zombies) will be safe and unpossessable.

Since my success post wasn’t a very exciting announcement either, I’ll put more info here.

In Possession, you play as a ghost escaped from the Nether Regions, trying to make your way to the surface. You are incredibly frail, but have one advantage: you can possess the bodies of the monsters you encounter.


  • 5 levels, each with unique possessable monsters
  • A wide variety of creature powers
  • Exploding bodies!
  • A somewhat modern effects and GUI (ie you can use the mouse)
  • Item-less gameplay
  • A high score table, for tracking your wins
  • A monsterpedia, which tracks the details of the monsters you’ve possessed
  • Quick to pick up and play


Mac Executable

Windows Executable

If you’re using Linux (or have the LÖVE interpreter installed), you can download the .love file (requires the LÖVE interpreter to play). You could also try running the Windows Executable under WINE.

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