refactor(); continue;

I’m refactoring the code of my entry and i’ll add more feature soon.

I like the result and the new stealth dynamics. Hoping i’m not the only one, this game must get some feature. It doesn’t have item, ranged combat, spell [sort of] and i think the balancing is ridiculous.

I’ll also make some sort of site/blog to keep track of the work and post new version. Will post the link here. In the meantime, if you’d like to contact me write @samelinux on twitter or samelinux [at] gmail [dot] com .


1 thought on “refactor(); continue;”

  1. Have added you in twitter (I’m @rawrDennis), I think most of us are actually gonna update, refactor, etc etc.

    7 days ofcourse is not enough to make a well balanced game (RPG in specific). My game is missing balancing and some features too, which I’ll be adding, and will be releasing the whole thing + source for free then to anyone who likes it 🙂

    good luck updating!

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