Tetrogue – Linux and Mac OS X version, as well as some info and hints.

Hello there.

I uploaded Linux and Mac OS X versions. Linux version requires SDL, SDL_image and SDL_ttf to be installed. Mac OS X app boundle contains required libs.

Here is the link:https://sites.google.com/site/tetrogue/downloads. Press arrow down at the right side to download.

Some people reported Tetrogue as ‘frustratingly hard from level 2’. Here are some details about Tetrogue combat mechanics, that I thought are easy to figure out, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, stop reading now 🙂

In Tetrogue your main objective in combat is to avoid loosing hitpoints. Only warrior class can afford to deliberately spend some hitpoints closer to the end of the game. Defence in this game is not something that reduce incoming damage, but instead it blocks it. You temporary loose some of defence points that blocked damage, but can recover one point per turn if you don’t attack and is not being attacked. If you loose all defence, you loose one hitpoint, but recover all defence points. One enemy attack, no matter how strong it is, cannot reduce hitpoints by more then one. In addition to normal attack and defence, there are elemental attack and defence points. Here are rules of how elemental attack interacts with defence.

One elemental attack can be blocked by:

  • 4 normal defence points
  • 1 elemental defence point of the same type as attack
  • 1 elemental defence point of the type that is strong against attack type, and defence point is not consumed

The same way one elemental defence point can be reduced by:

  • 4 normal attacks
  • 1 elemental attack of the same type
  • 1 elemental attack of the type that is strong against defence type, and attack carries to next defence point

Elemental attack mixed with normal attacks act as 4 normal attacks against elemental defence of the same type mixed with normal defence. For example attack ‘NNFNN’ will completely destroy defence ‘NNNFN’. Likewise attack ‘F‘ will completely destroy defence ‘NNNNN’, as Nature is weak against Fire, so fire attack doesn’t loose points of it’s strength against nature defence.

Back to problems that some players experience on level 2. On level 1 defeated enemies do not drop elemental figures. As well as they are not generated on the level. So you start level 2 without any elemental figures. Wizard can deal elemental damage with spells, but rogue and warrior in most cases must avoid fighting elemental enemies until they find some elemental figures and craft armor and/or weapon with elemental properties.

In addition to normal (white) and elemental (colored) figures, there are empty figures (grey). You must do your best to use them only on levelup. They have no effect in armor or weapon, but sometimes you can only complete crafting form with empty figure. Do this only if absolutely necessary (you are cornered by a monster with elemental attack and have figure(s) of type that is strong against this monster). Also when crafting potions, only elemental figures have effect, so you can use empty figures to complete potions as well.

Final advice: skills must be actively used in order to survive.

Good luck and have fun. The game is short and fit coffebreak format well.

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