RL vs Rl (Real Life vs Roguelike)


In summary

What was accomplished:

  • randomly generated levels (corridors, rooms)
  • randomly distributed assets (desks, file cabinets, chairs, coffee makers, printers, fax machines, rulers, elevator cards, faxes)
  • other clerks (animation, randomly generated walking paths, randomly generated idle time)
  • security guard (animation, walking path)
  • coffee level indicator & mechanism
  • collected assets indicator
  • basic game mechanics

I’m pretty sure I forgot something in the list above, but that’s essentially it.

What was left to do:

  • fight (well, sort of) system.
  • other clerks reacting to your presence ( i.e. not letting you to pick up an asset in their presence)
  • guard’s AI
  • using more than one other clerk (I’ve drawn 3 more)
  • placing a computer on each desk
  • using more than one type of flower in rooms
  • adding elevator doors on the end of the level, implementing level-changing mechanism
  • intro scene which would explain what the game is all about

planszaGameFinishedgroup photo

I’m not really disappointed by the fact that we didn’t finish it on time. This is the first project of that kind that we undertook, it was written from scratch, without any already prepared algorithms. Sure, it would definitely be something to finish the game on the first run, but there’s always next year!

(and this time I want to use tanks for a roguelike… that would be awesome!)

4 thoughts on “RL vs Rl (Real Life vs Roguelike)”

  1. Too bad you didn’t finish, I really liked the looks and whole aura of this project. Also, having two kids aged 2 and 4 (main reason my 7drl failed), it warmed my own father’s heart with anticipation to see a family endeavor like this πŸ˜‰

    As always,

    1. thank you!
      We’re still working on it, only by smaller increments /real life’s still in the picture/. As a sister to a charming, not-so-little, almost 8 year old brother I can relate to your problems with finishing 7DRL – and I’m sure my Dad can even more… But yeah, working with someone you love and respect is a great thing – and you know, you don’t have to wait long: http://www.untoldentertainment.com/blog/2011/05/24/sissys-magical-ponycorn-adventure/ and sometimes kids have the best ideas /I still have somewhere the ‘book’ my other brother wrote and illustrated for my birthday. It was hysterical/

      All the best,

    1. Yes, they’re all wearing ties /it made their shirts look less monotonous, and added a little character/
      I’m glad you like it! It was the first time I’ve created any pixel art, so it’s really rewarding to hear /or read as the case may be/ some positive critique /what artist doesn’t love positive critique…/.
      And yes, we’re still working on it. We’ll post our progress on Clerk’s Creed’s blog /clerkscreed.mobilitacja.com/ so stay tuned!

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