SkullDorado – Video Review

The Game Hunter has reviewed SkullDorado! Aside from a little hiccup in the beginning due to not having the instructions for the controls (because I couldn’t bundle it with an apk meant for running on phones) this is a really good review. He does discover a minor bug that I didn’t know about and doesn’t figure out how to close doors until near the end, but I think overall he had a proper first-time run and gives the game a fair review.

I suppose if he didn’t, I wouldn’t be sharing his video everywhere. I have to give him props for figuring out a good way of running the game on a computer and now I’m considering adding controls so that if a keyboard is present, that the user can use them instead of having to swipe.

2 thoughts on “SkullDorado – Video Review”

    1. Now that I know about things like Bluestacks allowing apks to be played on non-mobile devices, I do want to add a keyboard alternative. No need to punish people who play that way by forcing them to swipe with their mouse!

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