Submerged Cavern 2013 – FAILED

Well, I couldn’t finish either in the competition frame, or in the 7 day frame considering a late start, so I formally announce my roguelike failed!
I think the worst decisions were to make a genre I had never made before, in a language I had never used before, with a library I had never used before either, with many features! So many bad decisions!
Too many features, and too many segmentation faults for me to handle sadly. My goal with the game were three. First to have a decent lightning/fov system with things being able to cast lights and mix colors and such, which I managed thanks to the library. Second to have to manage oxygen in flooded areas, which could work with some more effort but isn’t there. And last a liquid/blood system in which you could light on fire a bunch of stuff, which never reached testing but could start work with not much more work.
This game may rise again in sometime, maybe even soon if I have time! But in the meanwhile, you can have a gif of what it was looking like. Or play the current version that really has very little going. Half the commands don’t work and you can use “0” to delve deeper magically and “e” to change your light radius.


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