Which 7DRL Should I Play? Here’s a quick glance.

Oversimplified and probably unfair, but SOMEONE has to make sense of all of this! These are all of the finished games I could get to. I played each for just a few minutes/seconds. Many of them are barely games, but I try to be fair.


A classic entry by Slashie, owner of this website. Item durability and inventory management are core strategies for success. Solid entry. The link might be a bit foobar.


An abstract strategy game, with hints of Go. Very artsy, very polished. A Darren Grey game.

The Conception:

A game about a sperm running around in a hex grid trying to fertilize an egg. There’s nothing more fun that that.

Attack the Geth:

a classic presentation (ascii) with a DoomRL style shooter interface and Mass Effect theme. From an experienced 7DRL participant.

De Sade’s Dungeon:

A strange Roguelike delivered in classic format. Ascii with mouse support. I didn’t play long, but had no idea what I was doing. You seem to warp around some. Could have infinite depth. Hard to tell up front.


Play 2 different characters at once? Tried to make me install stuff, so I moved on. Sorry graspee, it looked interesting but I’m just pushing through things here.


a neato game of killing bad guys and becoming what you’ve killed. Much strategy. Seemed to be glitchy but it could be I just suck at the game. Worth a try, strategy seems like a combo between paper rock scissors and chess. rubybliels, the creator, will probably hate me for reducing it to that metaphor.

Black Mage Goes Rogue:

Didn’t want to work. Runs as a DOS application?  Sorry man. Lemme know what to do in the comments and I’ll give you a good run down.

Rogue’s Labyrinth:

This is a fantastic little maze game. Can take awhile to get to the baddies, but when you do it’s all about strategy. Read the directions.

Tri Quest:

Looks like you are a party of 3 moving around and fighting other parties of bad guys. You party takes up one 3×3 tile, so do the bad guys tiles. Interesting concept. Deserves more than 3 minutes of play time.

Dungeon X: Flesh Wounds:

“By downloading the software and clicking on the link below, you agree to Grimm Bros, LLC standard terms and conditions.”

Seriously. That’s what their site says. To which I say, “No. Next game.”

Starship Rex:

A spaceship exploration game. The maps look well done, but the total screen size is much bigger than my screen. So it scrolled up and down, so much I had to scroll back down to see my character. Looks like it has tons of inside jokes. My screen is just too small!


A roguelike in the classic style focusing on potions, so it’s aptly named. Seems pretty deep, hard to tell from just a quick look.

Farm RL

Looks like it’s just the raw code, no .exe? It’s HTML, so I guess you open with a browser? Looks pretty neat actually, the guy’s girlfriend did the graphics. Looks like a couple thousand lines of code. Unfortunately for this quick run through I’m not going to wrestle with getting a game to go. Sorry man. Looks good though.

Klingon RL:

This is my game. It’s a spaceship game. Lots of rough edges, a bit hard to get started with. There are lots of game rules interacting together, but the balance can be a bit wonky. I’d say it’s worth a look, but I made it so what do I know. Make sure you press F1 and read the directions, or check out the HTML help file.


Push the box puzzle game. Looks like you need a specific font or it won’t display correctly. Looks like the levels are static, at least he first 3 were. Level restarts when you fail. No permadeath. No procedural generation. Ascii presentation. Seems to succeed at what it tries to do. Not sure what the roguelike tie in is.

Hush Little One

Starts with a bible quote. Run from the bad guys before they kill your son, who follows you about. Nice tiles.

Dive Dive:

Zelda game. Slash, find keys. Smooth play.

Cutpurse Castle

Infinite pacman.


A tiny little game about positioning. I dig it. Well worth a look.


Looks like you need an Android phone to play this. Which I don’t have.

Ad Astra Per Aspera

Space game. Couldn’t get it to work right. Pressed buttons. Clicked all over. No go. The escape key to quit the game worked just fine. I must be missing something. NOTE: See the comments below for how to play.

Awesome Rogue

Looks like a browser game, it’s not. Download it to play. A classic roguelike, press arrows to move but number keys to attack. Some humor here. Unsure of the depth of this game, but seems funny.

So Many Jagged Shards

Real time and heavily stylized. Abstract. Listed as a bit incomplete, but the basic gameplay of dodging the baddies is there. Nice sound and interesting presentation.

Versus Time

Looks like it’s made to be played with a friend on the same keyboard. Competitive arena style. Interesting but I have no friend.

Faith In RL

Must install Unity Player. VERY NEAT! Great concept. You attack guys and they convert to your side. Plenty of rough edges here but I’m digging the concept. The orcs are named, so when you ‘attack’ and they convert you get a little message, “Bill the orc converts.” Then Bill hacks away at the other orcs. I’m not sure about the depth of the game, but the concept is fun at first glance.

Lurk Under Wires:

A sort of hacker sim. Pretty complex, make sure you read the directions.


Not much of a game, so says the author. Still listed as a ‘finish’ so…seems a bit like crazy taxi. You can get going pretty fast and crash into stuff. So that’s fun.

Liberation of Yarna

Kill Jedis and blow stuff up? Sign me up! You play a saboteur sneaking around planting bombs. Looks like a truly finished product. No time to go through it all to be sure, but put this one on your short list.

BRS- O81

A text game. Full on story only, from the command prompt. Different.

3D Rogue

Very interesting game up on congregate. Totally 3D like it says. 3D ascii presentation.

The Reset Button

Has to be compiled or something. Sorry. Moving on.

Dungeon Penetrator

This is a nice looking dungeon crawler, using oric’s styled low res graphics. To play click on the ‘play’ button, it might look like a video at first, but that’s the game. Seems to play pretty smooth.

Unhappy Devil

Immediately upon executing the .jar this game blew up bigger than my screen. Press ‘a’ to start and then I couldn’t go any further. Mashed a bunch of buttons, nothing happened. I’m thinking there are directions off screen I didn’t quite get to see. Moving on.

Swift Swurd

FAN FREAKIN TASTIC. A game that works, right out of the box, no bull crap to deal with. And it’s good! You’ll find yourself making little sound effects with your sword, “ting ting, pew pew.” The spelling is a little wonky, trying to sound piratay I guess. Well done sir. I salute your efforts.

Sunk Coast

An underwater roguelike presented in the classic style. Looks like a high quality entry. Plus you get to see this, “Anenome hit anenome.” Ha!

Back Up

A game that sort of plays in reverse, you start deep and try to escape, looks like you start really strong. Plenty of rough edges here but seems to play just fine.

It Did Not End Well

A cyber punk room by room adventure style game. Zombies! Cultists! Seems to play fine, nice music and play options.

Pugnacious Wizards

A roguelike in the classic style, focusing on magic. Looks like you are weak in melee, but have powerful scrolls. Plays pretty nice.

*****Okay I’m burning out, maybe someone else can give you a heads up on the rest. From here forward I’ll only comment selectively on games I’ve already tried.****

Angry Troll versus Magic Bridge

A card game using the 52 card deck. Plays like solitaire, sorta.

Rogue’s Eye

Highly recommended Eye of the Beholder type game. Like Wolfenstein.

Rogue City Scavenger

Nice graphical post apoc roguelike. Looks a little grand theft auto esque.

Malachite Dreams

You play a little dragon guy learning spells. You actually have to remember the words of the spell. Kinda neat.

88 Pages

Like pacman, you must find all 88 scrolls on the map for the win. The bad guys are sorta elemental. You can be immune to some, and some are immune to your attacks. Until you switch up weapons and armor, then the immunities switch up. Interesting puzzle strat game.


Super duper turn based side scroller. Great, truly, give it a whirl.

Magic Fountain

A pretty solid RL in the classic style. I didn’t get too far, but seemed worth a try.

***For those of you I missed I’m truly sorry. There’s just too many. WAY TOO MANY. ***



39 thoughts on “Which 7DRL Should I Play? Here’s a quick glance.”

    1. Oh yes I yearn to do some with more depth. Some of those games really need a couple of hours of play to really review. I just read a post by the ever unhappy Krice talking about the huge glut, and how it’s all a mess that needs to be organized.

      He’s right. So this was my attempt to make sense of some of them.

  1. I am so sorry about unhappy devil! I developed the game and could only test it on mac computers. Could you send me your OS and screen dimensions (in pixels if possible)? This is my first “real” software project (I am still in high school) and I am very sorry you can’t play it.

      1. Hmmm… The frame height is set to 830, the frame width is 920 and your screen is certainly large enough for that. the java versions match and we both have 64 bit computers… Is the frame to big for your screen or are the contents of the frame shifted off the screen?

        1. I think the problem may be that I didn’t scale my menu screen and such. It’s all hardcoded and will take a little work to fix. I shall start immediately.

          1. Hey just tell me what button to press to get past that opening instruction screen, maybe then the game will play just fine.

          2. Sorry man, it’s locking up in the instruction screen. I’m running vista, 1024 x 768.

            Don’t get too down though. At least it starts! Some don’t.

          3. Got it! An inputStream is null. working on a fix I’ll post a comment when I fix the download link

        1. We are talking about Black Mage Goes Rogue, right? For those that don’t know you can right click on the top bar and change the properties to an 8×8 font.

          It didn’t fix it for me but you can try it. It definitely made some difference.

    1. What I meant to say was, I’m concerned that the interface issues that remained when I finished during the 7day period will be the most definitive things about the game. If that is in fact the case I have no problem with hearing it. It’s something I’ll need to avoid outright in future games.

    2. Well I dunno. There are plenty of buggy games. No one fails dude! If you completed a game you’ve already won. If you want a complete review of the actual gameplay though it’s probably important for people to actually see the game.

      What you mean fail? This isn’t a class. Participation is winning.

  2. I was playing AAPA, and didn’t have a problem, you set trajectory with a mouse (moving the blue triangle), you ‘unpause’ with space (which actually does the move), also you have to sometimes click on your ship, when it says “resolve your position”. Not sure how to use weapons though, and window height is a little to big for my laptop screen.

    1. (AAPA is my entry btw)
      I realised I screwed up usability by not having anyone but myself test it. Something to remember for next time.
      Blasters/Broadsides autofire. Missiles/Lasers are on the action bar/number keys, and a laser requires a click and drag (but has no UI to really assist with this).
      You can adjust the resolution by resizing the window and F12 is full screen mode.

  3. Thanks for the mini-reviews, it’s really helpful when there are so many games to try.
    Even trying to be brutal in pruning the list I’ve still got a list of 10 games try that sound really interesting, and that’s just from the first 50.

  4. I’m pretty disappointed that you didn’t get my game splitter to work. I won’t tell you to try this or try that or ask stuff about your setup because I know you’re just trying to whiz through them all.

  5. Wow, quite an undertaking! Sorry that Starship Rex was too big for your screen, I’ll certainly include an option to resize, or rethink the map size, when I do some tweaks. What you can do (if you’re not totally sick of 7DRLs) is use the “zoom” option on Chrome to “zoom out”. Basically makes everything smaller.

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