More Quick Takes, the last 100 7DRL’s.

Okay. Let’s try for the next 100. A bit quicker format this time. Remember these are only first impressions. Depth of game play cannot really be judged here. I didn’t even take the time to get some of them running if they were a hassle. Sorry.

Also if I’m not all that positive about your game, it’s probably because I’m just an idiot. 🙂

Go here for up to date downloads of all the games:

Appeasing the God: A classic rogue type game. The @ symbol looks a bit off center, but the game seems to play just fine. Some humorous text feedback.

Now Hiring Zoo Keepers: A cutesy realtime shooter with a nifty high score table telling you what animals you have captured. Rooms, called levels, are not persistent so you can backtrack to a ‘new’ level.

Double Rogue: A unity game on Kongregate.  Took forever to load, but when it did it was interesting. Kind of a FEZ style 2D/3D type thing.

Hunted: A classically presented roguelike. Sparse and direct. Multiple staircases all over. I found a bunch of items but no enemies. Someone is supposed to be stalking you. Kinda scary, I didn’t find him…because he’s hiding!?! Very scary.

Rogue Break: A beautiful and innovative interface. Look here to see how it’s done folks, kudos to the developer (I’m jealous, really). At first glance this one is a real winner, I’m not sure of the depth of play, but this one surely looks to be a treat. Definitely coming back to this one.

Adventure Mall: Move around a mall in colorful ascii, looks like you pick up money and buy stuff. Strange bug where moving my character scrolls the screen up and down. I probably need to resize my screen so it all fits on one, then there’d be no scrolling issue. I’m running 768 screen pixel height. I need just a bit more.

 MidsomerRL: Nice, a detective game. It has the same scrolling issue as Adventure Mall, so blow your screen up so it fits! I’m running 768, not tall enough!

 Survivor RL: You play a little flying saucer looking guy walking around a large open world. DO NOT maximize your screen, it’ll mess up the mouse click location. The graphics are morphed like a fish bowl, making the world seem round instead of flat.

Depths of Tuzua: A graphical, low rez, multiplayer RL. Seems to play in real time, but with discrete steps. It played a bit slow for me, but my connection is pretty slow. I have a long ping time. It might be neat to get some friends online and play, I have no idea how that might work. I didn’t see anyone on when I was on.

 Possession: This game is totally sweet. You play a ghost. You can possess other creatures on the screen. Depth is unknown, but this is definitely one to spend some time with. Make sure you read the directions. Press ‘z’ to possess. Thank you sir for this game.

 Anarchial: A point and click top down shooter. Zombies and such. I like the sounds. Choose your weapon (SMG, SNIPER, SHOTGUN, PISTOL). The aiming is a bit off. It’s a Gamemaker game right? Center the origin of the cross hairs sprite in the sprite editor, that might be a quick fix? I am also a Gamemaker user.

MacRL: MacGyver! Unfortunately running the Start.BAT file on my system did not make the game go. I tried duct tape and a bobby pin, still nothing. I’m no MacGyver.

 Gelatinous: A cool little game by a great game maker. Looks similar to other games by Mr. Pickering. He certainly has his style down, which is great. Less fuss more games that way. Slide your little gelatinous cube around, eat the adventurers. They have powers, like fireballs and such. They’ll also run from you. This one belongs on your short list.

 MmoRL: Holy moly this one is ambitious. I’m not sure if it’s complete, without other players to team up with and stuff. As a single player game alone it looks full featured. I need some buddies!!! Forever am I lonely…:-)

 A Day @ the Zoo: This game looks pretty nifty for ascii. Nice use of sparse color I though. Not sure if there is a game here. You can walk around and look at the animals, but nothing happened in the 100 turns or so that I played. Who puts deer in a zoo? 🙂

 NinjaRL: Looks like only mac and linux for now. I’m a windows slave.

 Tower of Despair: A traditional roguelike game with a nice message system. I had some interface and field of view issues, but those might be features. The message system is supposed to tell you quit a bit I think. I’m not sure what to think about this one, seems feature complete.

 FunhouseRL: Dodge evil clowns! Has a brogue inspired HUD. Kinda neat.

Bug Hack: Neat sprites. I think I need python running to run this. I don’t. Sorry. Moving on.

 Dragons Hoard: Not sure what’s going on here, but there is a Dragon jumping around the screen and your guy can teleport. Is there a readme? I did manage a victory by moving to a house.

 Fishtryoshka: A fishing game. You have a fishing pole and there are pools all around with fish. I think the story says you are actually inside a fish too. Cool.

 Han Yolo and the Mysterious Planet: By far the best looking game so far. Fully 3D, and done at a professional level. There were some control hiccups, like it’s difficult to shoot sometimes, but all in all it plays well. Is this game procedural? Are there more items? I don’t know, but I really want to find out.

 Live As Long As Possible: Arcade style roguelike, hold click to move and everything else moves too. See how long you can live while running and fighting. A giant D showed up and blew me away with red particles, I’m thinking dragon? Uses particle effects. Ascii but stylized, full motion, animated.

 Peli: A cute little roguelike with low res cutsey graphics. You start naked and have a little single pixel wiener. Plays very smooth so far. I’ll come back to this one for sure.

 T.H.A.D.: Graphical, motion movement instead of point to point. Looks like a pretty traditional roguelike but dressed up with a pleasant skin. I killed some baddy with a switch blade, found a cave, dived down. All the basics are there.

 Like a Rogue: A 3D roguelike in the vein of Doom and/or Wolfenstein. Learn to tap the controls, or you get a bit out of control. Explore a dark cavern.

 Alternate Dimension Rogue Like: Needs an android device which I do not have.

 Arcology Escape: You need to put this file in the game/module folder of your ToME4 or T-Engine folder. So you need to have T-Engine to play it. This is not told to you really. Make sure you download the lastest release of T-Engine as well. I didn’t quite get to the game, T-Engine is still downloading (slow connection).

UPDATE: I took the time to download ToME again (took nearly an hour with this connection) and still didn’t get it to work, and that’s why I generally move on when a game isn’t immediately playable. No time to fiddle around trying to make a game work that should just work on its own.

 Firestorm City: A morbid game where you direct the flow of fire around a busy busy screen. You are trying to kill people. You get an end report of who you killed. I killed the scientist who would have cured AIDS and Tupac (again). Black humor. I giggled.

 FHRL: A chase and run game with paper cut out style graphics. Everything is in grey scale like it was drawn with pencil. Looks good.

 A False Saint, an Honest Rogue: A tiled game where your goal is not to freeze. There’s a running total of the temperature, wind speed, body temp, etc…

 Kali’s Ladder: A great looking 8-bit style game. Looking a bit like Powder. Tons of options and skills, lots of commands. This one’s a definite contender for best RL based on just my surface read. Well done people. Well done.

 Flatline RL: A game by flend, known to make sweet games. And it’s awesome. You play a marine trying to shut down a space station or some such. This guy won in 2010 with PrincessRL, that game and Vicious Orcs seem to be the gold standard 7DRL games. And here he’s made another one, making us all look bad. Thanks Flend!

 The Artifact: A motion physics game where you collect coins and upgrade your player. Better acceleration costs money dang it!

 86856527: A hacker roguelike that’s been reviewed all over the place. Check it out, people really like it.

 ZomgRL: A zombie RL. Start in an open area and run from zombies. Fun fun. It’s in Java, so the speed can be a real issue.

 EXCELent Rogue: A game based on excel? Aren’t all good games based on spreadsheets? 🙂 Looks like the game is actually a complex Excel document. I was able to start a game and pick a class and everything. Holy crap!

 Chest Quest: Another 3D Doom looking game. This one a sort of back man collection game.

 Random Chance: A 3D third person game. Looks pretty smooth. The download links only to a video though.

 Rogue Fleet: A complex spaceship game. Looks great. Requires something called LOVE to play, so I skipped it.

 Tetrogue: I’m having a hard time believing that this game is as awesome and innovative as I think it is. You kill baddies, collect tetris pieces, and use those pieces to build armor and equipment and what not? Plus some paper rock scissors mechanics? Can’t tell how deep it gets, not from just a quick play, but this is easily my favorite concept of the year.

 Rogue In The Void: A top down real time dodge the bad guys game. Not sure what the guy was going for, but it’s playable. I’m a Gamemaker guy myself and have trouble with diagonal collisions on flat surfaces, just like this guy does. Check this out for future reference, it helps me a lot.    and also

 Cosplay Mystery Dungeon: Kind of a light hearted little anime themed game. Very playable. I was shot down by storm troopers.

 HumFallRL: A post apocalyptic roguelike. Standard presentation, ascii, keyboard interface. Not sure what sets this one apart from all the others. Seems to play just fine, though the enemies don’t really give chase, but maybe level one enemies aren’t supposed to.

 The Monastery Garden: A heavily stylized game about walking around a monestary. Don’t worry, there’s a cave too! There’s trolls in there…be careful.

 Weeping Angels: Needs pygame, so maybe later. Has an interesting concept.

 Fabu: Sadly this game just didn’t run. Downloaded twice. No dice. I’m on a vista machine.

 Dragon’s Lair: A 2 hour roguelike? Cool. Very small. A space invaders type game in ASCII. I liked it, for what it was.

 SanitasRL: A pretty and well done RL by someone who obviously knows what they are about. I like that you can only have 3 things, armor, weapon and a trinket. This game sets itself apart via the ‘lower health means greater power’ gimmick. I like it.

 Roguecoder: Kind of a weird chase game. Not much to it? Or am i missing something. Lots of flicker. TONS. Weird controls too. WASZ.

 10Bar Roguelike: Supposed to be a browser game. I went to the site, nothing happened. I went here:    and got nothing.

 ColdRL: A second cold themed game. This one also uses unique facing mechanics and a temperature gauge on the right. Some interesting monsters here. You start with a pistol, that’s always good.

 The Aurora Wager: 80 megs! Biggest game so far I think…took awhile to download but this is a fully 3D balloon race to the north pole. I didn’t actually get my balloon into the air, but I jumped around and picked things up. Lots of game here. Tons.

 Room Rogue: Pretty straight game. Geometric rooms. Strange controls, ‘e’ to go UP.

 Kukulima: Ha! This one is great. It’s a stealth game where you play a photographer out on the savanna trying to get pictures of beasties. The closer you get for the picture the more points, but also the more danger. I love it. Seriously great concept. Perfect for a 7DRL. How well it’s been pulled off, I dunno, but the concept is very sound.

 Rasatala: An interesting ‘straight’ roguelike with an Indian theme. Uses a facing mechanic, noticeable via the FOV algorithms. Looks like you have a friend with you as well. There could be a very complex game here. Start the game by choosing your social class. Hmmm…

 Skool Eskape: A game for the spelling challenged. Looks like a pretty simple chase game. Skip school, run from the principal. Funny. Use chalk to stun the principal. Heavy with humor.

 Infection: You play a virus or pathogen in the body. Tag the yellow blocks and get to the next level. Dodge the immune system guys. Play is nice and smooth. Solid entry here.

 MGRL: Haaha! It uses only VI keys. No one’s going to play this because of that. That’s too bad, there looks to be some interesting play here. It has a very creepy look, a bit like Infra Arcana. One of the better games at first glance. Whoever reviews this one in depth will likely need to remap the keys or learn VI. HJKL to move, wonderful stuff.

Nightmare Tyrant: A bright and colorful straight roguelike. Kill zombies and ghosts and what not. Looks like you can pick which mission to go on.

 Inside Out: Looks like a game about walking around turning on lights and hoping not to see a monster. Horror game.

 Disc RL: A straight roguelike with a tron theme. Another HJKL move game. Goodness!

 Slaughter: A 2D fighting game, sorta. Realtime. Hold right and jam on the up button to pass level after level after level for minutes on end. Guys just die in front of you and you never seem to die yourself. I think that’s all there is, seriously.

 Rogue Dream: Another unity game, first person 3D too. Kinda disconcerting art style. A floating menu is kinda neat. Misspelled Strenght and Defence though, lol. I couldn’t figure out how to exit, and this game takes over your mouse so you can’t click on the task bar. Had to Cntrl/Alt/Del my way out. I was able to shoot the crap out of an armless bugeyed monster. So that was cool.

 The Case of the Girl and the Red Dress: Noir w/ lots of them. Revolver bullets are displayed as one would see them from the back of a 6 shooter. Pretty neat dude. Good job.

 Warp Core Breach: Needs python

Rillaung: Not a terrible game, pretty simple straight dive. No items. Monsters are dumb as doorknobs, but a nice try. I nearly beat it in the 60 seconds I played it.

 Rogue Valley: Looks like a Vietnam roguelike. I seem to be moving twice sometimes with one button press. So try to tap the keys. Fight vietcong, dodge the tigers. I’ve never seen a Vietnam roguelike before.

Delusions of Grandeur: Very well done ‘straight’ roguelike with a casting of illusions gimmick. Pretty cool game, of obvious quality.

 Alexandria RL: Another straight type RL where you are using scrolls to beat baddies in the ancient library of Alexandria. Looks pretty solid. This library was burned down by Julius Caesar, so the story goes.

 Hproguelike: Not sure I get what this one is about, it’s seems to be pretty well made. There’s a ‘sanity’ score that decreases, so that’s always fun. Looks like you need to learn stuff about the monsters you’re fighting. I don’t quit get it yet but the game is solid.

 Fleeing the Fray: A fun little arcade type where you are running across the field trying not to get blown away. A very enjoyable little game.

 Dying Embers: Needs python?

 Ascent RL: Another 3D Doomlike slasher. Seems alright.

 Cogs of Cronus: Linux only. Sad. These are solid developers making this game.

 SkullDorado: Android. 🙁

 EliteRL: This is an RL version of the old fav, ELITE. This sort of thing has been done with other games, and tends to come out very well. I cannot tell you how this one does, as the window opens only partially onto my screen. It takes my mouse over as well, so I can’t drag the window to where it needs to be.

 Mythos: A pretty straight forward RL. Make sure you equip your pistol.

 Distant Echoes of Ancient Lies: A pretty straight forward maze game with difficult controls. Real time. Feels like a Gamemaker game, if so you can easily slow down speeds. The player moves too fast to line up a move down some of the straightaways.

 Interloper: Triangle Wizard like game. Pretty basic.

 Dungeon Themed Starvation Generator: Download link broken. But I found it on Temple of the Roguelike. This is a great straight roguelike. I fought some jelly type guys and they divided and divided until I died. Cool. Looks like it has your inventory right on the front page too.

 The Power of Dreams: Sounds interesting but I don’t know how to run it. It’s a .team file. T-Engine, surely. Moving on. Sorry man. Not wrestling with it right now.

 Shadows of Humanity: Arena shooter.

Uushuvud: Looks like another pretty solid straight RL. There have been a lot of those this year, as one would expect. Not sure how to quickly distinguish this one from the others.

 PurpRL: Love the name. A party based roguelike.

 Historical Bean Climber: A 2D Unity game, real time action. Climb and jump and shoot.

 Segfault: A pretty highly polished game with a strong narrative. Graphics, sound, all that stuff.

 Seven Days in Space: Playing seemed to require letting approving something through Google. I refused. Sorry. Don’t like Google so much.

 Nya Quest: Oh gawd cutsey animals all over. 🙂  Doesn’t seem to be much to it, but it’s hard!

 Quadropus Rampage: Incredibly polished console style action game. Totally professional. Best played with a gamepad.

Runemaster: How do I make it go?

Down the Brain: Play an emo kid fighting happy stuff. Nice theme, very nice graphics. Tight one screen levels.

 3: Shooter game, must maintain your power and oxygen levels. Realtime.

 Unholy Conglomerate: Simple straight forward roguelike.

 Khu-Fu-Ka: Pressed every key on the key board. Nothing. No idea how to get this one past the opening screen.

 Borstal: An adventure styled game. Find your dad! Heavy on narrative.

 Caverns of Shrug: A strange little action shooter. Kinda neat.

 Smashing Bad: A pipes style game with a drug theme.

 Mazmorra: Looks like another game playing it pretty straight to formula. The first thing that attacked me was an orc.

 MLP RL: How do I run it? Linux only maybe?

 Eternal Cave: A point and click bump athon, the controls can be kind of hinky and I’m not sure where the depth play will come in. Looks like it has some promise.

 Chicken and Thyme: Ha. You play a chicken trying to take revenge on a horse. I have no idea what the strategies are here, but you can walk around, pick stuff up, drop stuff. Single screen level.

 Desktop Zombie Survivor: Looks kinda neat but I can’t get my guy to move.

Rogue the Space Rogue: Turn based shooter. Plays a little rough. Facing matters.

Deadman Walking: A pretty straight forward zombi themed RL, with 2 resource pools to manage. Not quite sure yet how much depth that adds to play. Could be a lot.

 The Fourth Wall: Didn’t get it running. Sorry. Too tired I guess. I had some errors with my browser, I don’t think it was this game.

32 thoughts on “More Quick Takes, the last 100 7DRL’s.”

  1. ” Nya Quest: Oh gawd cut­sey ani­mals all over. 🙂 Doesn’t seem to be much to it, but it’s hard!”

    lol XD
    Glad you got around to checking my lil’ entry out, I didn’t have time to playtest it or the like so I honestly wasn’t sure how difficult people would find it.

    Some manage to get through it without ever dying, some seem to take a few shots. A friend of mine completed it before he even realized you could kill the mice without getting hit… I have no idea how he managed to finish it like that :3

      1. Awww, I’m sure you’re fine :3

        Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. I’m pretty handy in fighting games and bomberman but if you get me to drive you somewhere in a game you better put your seatbelt on and make sure your insurance if fully filled out (vehicle AND life insurance that is ;D )

  2. Thanks a lot for trying Han Yolo, Jo!

    The controls for using abilities is a bit obscure at the moment, and we have in our patching plans to make it more intuitive.

    Also, there’s a bug in our turn-based system right now, where enemies will “pool” turns even when they do not see you… Turns are handled async between you and the monsters, so when they pool up turns like this, they appear as moving and attacking in real-time.

    The second level is procedural. We didn’t have time to make the exterior desert scene procedural, and we made the last level static too, because we didn’t get time to show-case some of the artwork in the procedural engine within the time limit.

    There were also supposed to be a boss on that last level, but in the last hour it was too broken to include in the 7DRL release :-/

    We didn’t get time for more items or abilities either, unfortunately. We’ll get to this in a later version, so currently the game do lack depth.

    Lessons learned and refactoring a lot of our code, the new patch should improve the game a lot. Unfortunately I’ve been quite busy with my job and family since the challenge ended, so I haven’t been able to push the patch as fast as I really wanted to.

  3. Thanks for playing Mythos RL! I feel the biggest selling point that distinguishes it from other roguelikes is the procedural dungeon generation algorithm. You have to really start exploring the dungeon to appreciate it, and then you’ll very quickly realize that you’re lost. 🙂

  4. Haha! Thanks for QAing typos in Rogue Dream.

    I have a very bad habit of getting them into my game. Most of the time when my game has bugs they are caused by misspelled strings. 😀

    Btw. you can quit&save the game from the hovering menu.

  5. Thanks for playing SurivorRL! I didn’t even realise I forgot to disable window resizing, oops! Glad the idea behind the graphical perspective came through.

  6. Yeah, you have the main mechanic of hproguelike figured out. It’s really a sort of “Complete the Pokédex” thing, with the limitation that the items are finite while the monsters respawn (to some extent). To keep things interesting, the horrors from beyond space and time (including their HPL-style over-the-top descriptions) are randomly generated. The sanity meter was something I threw in as an additional mechanic – it actually works in reverse, ending you up with a higher final score if you go absolutely utterly insane. The intention was to sort of balance the fact that you can get very lucky with the RNG and don’t have to go deeper than, say, Lv2.

    I don’t claim it’s very fun as a game, but I completed all I had planned for the game and thus consider it a success. Of course, you get more out of the game when you are a Lovecraft fanatic (like myself) and get all of the in-jokes I worked into it. Or play a lot of Infra Arcana! Which everyone should do, anyway.

  7. Re: Rasatala, I take your ‘hmmm’ as being about the unpleasant aspect of caste with respect to the Indian theme – I gotta say it’s not really supposed to be about caste or social status so much as just a background to choose instead of conventional classes. I suppose that’s always going to be a live issue when I chose to go with this theme!

    A lot of the concepts and the setting itself were lifted partially from an Indian-themed D&D extension. Anyway, thanks for playing the game!

  8. Thank you for your review even if it was a quick one, didn’t get much else so it’s appreciated. It was my first real attempt at getting a roguelike game made so I apologize for it being off. Not sure if the @ problem was just because I was using the tkinter text with left align at the wrong distance apart or if the font itself looks off center.

    1. If your game is the one I’m thinking of, where you windshield through actual windshield enemies and cut your feet on their corpse, and mess with like heroin needle ferries and speed bumps and stuff…there’s no need to ever apologize for that game. It’s a solid slab of roguelike there, sir.

      I can’t believe you haven’t gotten much feedback. Philistines!

  9. About Firestorm – YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG! I’m not an author, but i think it’s crearly stated in manual that you must save people, not kill them.
    So at some moments you will have to chose whom to save – scientist that cured AIDS or your old schoolfriend etc and also try to save maximum number of innocents.

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