Games So Good You Question Your Self Worth

Okay, so it’s been about a week now and as you can see I’ve been playing the crap out of these 7DRL’s. Having gone through every one briefly, and a few more in depth, I’d just like to point out some developers I absolutely hate. Totally despise.

These people truly belong in a league of their own, either because of their creativity or their programming skill. These are the developers and games that just make the rest of us 7DRL participants look like fools. Damn you one and all. 🙂

1. Mosaic by Darren Grey: It’s hard, it’s strategic AND tactical, it has a simple interface, it’s beautiful with amazing sound integration. Dang it Darren, can’t you leave some room for the rest of us? Some little crust of adulation for the peasants oh king?

2. Rogue’s Eye by Paul Jefferies: Screw you man! A fully formed first person 3D game? With nuance and assorted awesomeness. I just feel dirty having put my game into the same competition.

3 and 4. Nya Quest* by Geminosity and Gelatinous by Jason Pickering: These two will have you wailing in the dark, in the rain, asking “why God why!?!?!?” You know that game you made this year, with tons of rules and interlocking systems and tons of items? Took you hours to sort out just the right balance of drop rate, resource use, enemy behavior and what not? Well, these two took simple rules and stripped down concepts and kicked your game’s ass. Great. Thanks a lot. I need a drink.

*See Nya Quest reviewed below.

5. Tetrogue by Konstantin Stupnik (Xecutor): So you think you have a creative idea, then some guy comes up with a crafting system using Tetris pieces. A whole freakin’ game with an interlocking tetris background too. Every little tile is built with tetroids. At some point you realize how small minded and uncreative you really are. A caveman really. Ideas universally devoid of value. What you always feared about your intellect is true, you’re just not that smart.

So that’s it for now, there are at least have a dozen others that make me want to grow my bangs out and wear eye liner. I just don’t have the emotional fortitude to talk about them right now…<sniff>.

NOTE: There’s an emo roguelike this year, Down the Brain.

10 thoughts on “Games So Good You Question Your Self Worth”

    1. Yeah that’s what Geminosity was saying. I have it ‘balanced’ down to the point of zero mistakes, and it takes a thorough knowledge of the rules to know what constitutes a mistake. Even so I can only win half the time.

      1. I originally had 4 difficulty settings, but the play was uninteresting on level 1, 2 and 4. So I kept level 3 and took out the option to change it…perhaps I should have kept an easy mode.

        You can always cheat with the R button. 🙁

  1. Wow, thankies Jo XD
    I fear you might be giving Nya Quest a lil too much credit, but I’m glad you enjoy it nonetheless :3

    To be honest, difficulty is one of the more obtuse balancing acts of making a game and without playtesting it’s usually just a dice-roll if you get it right or not. The issue is, that because you know the systems and you’re used to doing it you’ll find it generally easier than the majority of your players will.
    I learned this a long time back when I was lil’ and playing about with ‘click and play’: I made a boss fight shootemup game and I kept tweaking it (too easy… ~click~, still too easy…. ~click~, STILL TOO EASY! ~click click click~) then gave it to a friend… the next day they said they’d thrown their keyboard at the wall in frustration just trying to get past the first fight ^.^;

    1. Yeah. It’s tough to know. Last year my game was so easy Game Hunter beat it in like 10 mins or something. I’m rebalancing right now. You want it to be hard enough it keeps you interested, but not so hard that you die unfairly. Part of the charm of a good roguelike is you KNOW why you died, and you learn from it.

      Right now my game can be nigh unbeatable if you have to move through a federation system with the Genesis Device. The tweaks will give you a fighting chance against the Federating fleet, but only if you know how and when to fight.

      This increases the fun factor exponentially and nearly eliminates the frustration factor. Thanks for the feedback people!

  2. Clearly a man of great taste and discernment!

    You talk it down a lot but I actually really enjoyed KlingonRL. There are a number of interesting mechanics going on and it brought back fond memories of playing the very old Star Trek text game on my dad’s Oric-1…

    1. Oh am I sounding too critical? Lol. Don’t worry, in real life i have tons of ego to throw around. 🙂

      I never played that text game…what was it called? Can I google it?

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