Klingon RL – Playtested and Rebalanced

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Seems pretty important to have some testing done. Thanks to Legend, Darren Grey and Geminosity for their feedback. I’ve adjusted the difficulty so that perfect play will beat the game, and nearly all deaths can be avoided with proper planning.

Took me about 3 minutes to tweak some settings, I was just missing some solid play testing and feedback.

Before there were maps where your death was basically preordained, no matter how well you played you were going to die. My take on how difficulty should work is that player death should be the player’s fault, if the game just jumps up and unavoidably kills the player then it’s not difficult, it’s just frustrating.

Changes: You can know engage ‘M’ missile cruisers and Starbases in combat without simply dying. So if you have the skill and can get back into cloak you can take out an entire system’s worth of Federations ships. Tricky, very tricky, but doable.

You can also destroy the ‘E’ Enterprise if you are slick (knowing how to hide in asteroids helps). You could always kill the Enterprise, but it was so tough I’d never accomplished it. Now it’s as tough as a ‘B’ Battleship, which makes it very tough to kill without a cloaking device. Don’t worry though, the Enterprise returns in the next system to chase you.

There’s always another Enterprise!

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