The Aurora Wager – Version 3

Here’s a sizable update to The Aurora Wager, bringing it up to version 3!


  • Fixed catastrophic wind bug near North Pole, it can now actually be reached
  • Wind is a lot more versatile
    • Intensity and direction vary more as you get closer to the North Pole
    • Makes navigation more interesting, and quite a bit harder
  • All physical objects are now affected by the wind
    • Yes, even you!
  • Balloon weights and aerodynamics have been tweaked
    • It now falls faster
    • Its ropes have less dampening to them
  • Burner rates and efficiencies have been tweaked
    • Small burner is slow but steady
    • Medium and big burn faster, at lower efficiencies
    • Can now lift off without having to hop
  • Added gauges
    • Vertical velocity
    • Balloon temperature
    • The opposite side of the gondola now also features these gauges
  • Held items are now displayed slightly more towards the center of the screen
  • Cloud layer death zone is now higher
  • Various low-level optimizations
    • Drag now respects rigidbody sleep velocity
  • Added application icon

Update 24-03-2012:

  • Fixed item spawning on islands sometimes being disabled
  • Significantly reduced amount of fuel in canisters
  • Fixed burner effects still playing when out of fuel

Download The Aurora Wager at

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10 thoughts on “The Aurora Wager – Version 3”

  1. Hello. I just tested the linux version, and it’s very laggy. The mouse-sensitivity went out the roof and the game was litterally unplayable. I hope you can fix this, because from what I have seen, this game looks gorgious!

  2. I just love this game and my little sister loves it too. But if you can make this multiplayer or just co-op both me and my sister would be very gratefull. Please make it LAN if you are going to make multiplayer. If you could fix this I shall tell god about you guys πŸ˜‰

  3. Hello! This game is great, but it needs one thing: Multiplayer. It would be so great to be able to play with your friends! I think it should be local, and a option for LAN. Thanks for reading, and I hope you will add it to the game.

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