Gun.SmokeRL Post Failure Update.

Gun.SmokeRL version 0.0.1 (Java7)(Thats right, so far from being finished it has a middle zero)

My massively over-scope 7drl: this is my failed impementation which I am, after a short
rest at a sanitarium, beginning work on again. The code is messy as hell and my first long job is to clean it up, before I can even start on getting in all the billion and one features i have floating around my fevered skull.

I’ve got a few intersting bits in it:
I’ve partially implemented a train: if you want to get on the train just get hit by it!
Rivers push you along with their current.
Z-effect. If you go up a level the fonts below get smaller.
Weather machine… its always raining at the moment, just to show it off.

All this still needs tweaking, more stuff I aim to add is:
Trains with different carriages, that can be got on properly at handy stations.
Horses and carriages and boats and steamBoats.
A few Mine levels in a more classic rogue style.
Crouch,walk run and partial cover for good tactical fighting stuff.
More weather effects for different seasons and ASCII particles effects for fires etc.
Seasonal changes, like grass changing color, dmg from cold in winter, heat exhaustion in summer etc.
Combats already in there, hidden, but I need to put in something other than rabbits!
Main storyline and a bunch of proceduraly generated sub-quests.
And all the items, classes, bad guys, skills etc. you’d expect.

Expected problems:
Screen resolutions: I’ve tried adding auto adjustments for different screen resolutions,
so it will be big enough on every screen, but it may make the problem worse, i dont
know yet.
Object Pools: I’m using object pools like a good boy, but i keep having a problem with
rabbits coming back to life with no stats and crashing the game. I have a null
pointer someplace! One of those annoying bugs that doesn’t happen in the same
place twice.

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  1. Technical note to Linux users and others it may concern. Java needs to be at version 7. In Debian, I installed openjdk-7-jdk to get it running. (And my internet bank is still working, so huzzah for openjdk.) The train ride is really amazing 🙂

    As always,

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