It’s embarrassing, but … Tetrogue fix3

Sorry, but here is another fix. I’ve made some changes to the library that is used by the game and these changes have broken text boxes.

This time all 3 platforms are ready.

I’ve spent 10 extra minutes to improve crafting a little. Now it is possible to pick placed pieces back.

I decided to playtest this a little, to avoid further embarrasing, and played 3 games. One by Wizard, one by Rogue and one by Warrior. And won all three! Warrior was the hardest. I nearly died on the last level, which is optional once you found stairs down, I decided to increase score a little. Greed is bad.

2 thoughts on “It’s embarrassing, but … Tetrogue fix3”

  1. Only just started playing, but great stuff so far… The tetris puzzle element is incorporated really well into the game… I’m really rusty on my tetris skills tho’, finding it quite difficult to complete a level up. Maybe if I download the Gameboy theme it’ll get the old reflexes working.

  2. Thank you for your kind words 🙂 If it’s difficult to level up – then you probably doing it too early. Wait a little till you will have more pieces to choose from. For example there is no much sense in leveling before you descend. You can level up right in front of enemy, when you absolutely need it. Don’t forget to use skills. They very important for survival.

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