Possession Post-Comp Version 1.1

Version 1.1 is released!
Mostly interface changes and fixes, the only real gameplay change is that monsters won’t cast spells on you when you’re a ghost (because it’s basically an unavoidable insta-kill).

Mac Executable
Windows Executable
If you’re using Linux (or have the LÖVE interpreter installed), you can download the .love file (requires the LÖVE interpreter to play). You could also try running the Windows Executable under WINE.

Full list of changes:
– Friendly and enemy summoned mushroom men are now different colors.
– A new “options” menu, which lets you switch the game to/from fullscreen, change the resolution, and change the keyboard refresh rate.
– You can set your name and gender when starting a new game.
– Clicking an adjacent enemy now attacks it as well as targeting it.
– Gameplay tweak: Creatures will not cast spells on you if you’re a ghost (it was just too cheap otherwise).
– Fixes:
– Changed the pathfinding algorithm so that monsters will move through diagonal spaces.
– Fixed various typos and inaccuracies.
– Moving into a wall no longer wastes a turn.
– Allied monsters now attack enemies next to them. They still won’t chase them unless the player sets the enemy as a target (this is intended).
– Trying to move the targeting cursor through an unseen area no longer resets the cursor.

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