Skool Eskape (7DRL 2013) New Version

Hi there!

My friend Jay and I made the Skool Eskape, one of the completed 7DRL 2013 entries. Some of you may have heard of it (It got an average score of 2.11, so not too shabby.)

Anyway, we’ve gone back to it now and then over the last few months, making some tweaks here and there and we’re interested in getting some feedback on the changes we’ve made. If any of you would be interested in playing it and letting us know what you think it would be much appreciated. You can access the game at:

The game is playable on desktop or mobile devices. Some info you might need to play: You have to make your way through 20 levels to beat the game. As you progress through the game, new enemies are gradually added in, making for a total of 3 enemies (Principal, Vice Principal and Janitor) you have to contend with to reach the exit.

There are now 3 items in total, including the chalk. Using chalk creates a chalk clound in a 1 square radius around you that will stun any enemy it touches for 5 turns, allowing you to pass through them to sneak by. Invisibility is fairly self explanatory, as the enemies will be unable to see you for I think it’s 10 turns (can’t remember off the top of my head, lol). Stink bombs create a cloud in a 5 square radius that will cause enemies to run away from the smell, and won’t enter the cloud. I believe this item lasts for 5 turns as well. You can pickup new items by walking over the chests placed randomly in the levels, but can only carry a maximum of 3 of each item.

Keyboard controls are arrow/numpad keys. You can move diagonally, but the enemies can’t. We are thinking about removing the diagonal movement which is why it’s not mentioned in the controls. You press ‘c’ to use chalk, ‘i’ for invisibility and ‘b’ for stink bombs. You can also press ‘f’ for full screen, and ‘s’ to turn sound on/off.

For mobile controls, you move by swiping up/down/left/right on the screen. To use items or turn sound on/off, touch the name on the status bar at the bottom of the screen. The audio might not work on Android. We’ve been having problems with that, so if someone has some experience in developing HTML5 games on Android and have some suggestions, they are most welcome. 🙂

Anyway, sorry for the long post. If you’d care to leave feedback, please leave it here or email me at scott [dot] greig [at] gmail [dot] com or message me on g+ I guess. Thanks for your time!

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the game won’t work in Internet Explorer. You just get the Loading screen and nothing happens. It does work in Chrome and Safari however, so please use one of those browsers instead. The standalone version will work just fine on any computer, but we’re not releasing that until we’ve had some more playtester feedback.

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