Does 2+5DRL still count as 7DRL?

My 7DRL 2013 appearance was being frequently disturbed by my other arrangements and ended up badly. This year I planned my 7DRL break better – or so I hoped – until I was summoned to court, taking place 5 hours by car from where I live, in the morning, in the middle of 7DRL 2014 week. I will need to get up very early, spend much time driving, cope with the court performance, and end up knocked-out by exhaustion. I will for sure lose one day of 7DRL challenge time.

So I thought: if I spent 2 days on the challenge, then take a break for 1 day, and then continue for 5 more days, would it be considered much of a cheating? Or should I stop trying to be clever, accept one lost day, and try to catch up it in the remaining six? What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Does 2+5DRL still count as 7DRL?”

  1. I’ve never had more than 4 days during the challenge to do it before… Like many people you should use whatever time you can/need during the 168 hour period but you don’t actually need to program/develop for the entire 168 hours.

    You are also not allowed to extend the time for time lost due to sleeping, eating, or making love.

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