Beware of strange warp points! (Where to follow progress of my 7DRL)

Hi everyone, Ed here! Once again I’ll be participating in the 7DRL challenge, but like last year, I won’t be posting individual progress updates on this blog. So if anyone wants to follow the progress of my roguelike (titled “Beware of Strange Warp Points”), point your browser here:

I guess I should probably try and whet your appetite, though! So BOSWP, as I’ll call it, is a space themed roguelike similar to Jo’s KlingonRL from 2013. This one is set in the universe of the Space Empires 4X games, though, instead of that of Star Trek. You’ll be tasked with repelling an alien invasion, and you can customize your ship with various weapons, engines, shields, and other components, purchased using mineral resources you will find left behind by defeated enemies, or given to you as tribute by allied colonies.

Author: Ed Kolis

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