Roffice (rogue office, it’s temporary)

Hey people! I’m relatively new to making full games and I’m not even sure I can complete this one but I’ll do the best I can πŸ™‚

My roguelike takes place in an office building, and as with many roguelikes you have to get to the lowest, or in this case, highest level. You have to get to the top but you also have to remain inconspicuous otherwise you will risk getting fired, which is this games equivalent of permadeath. I’m hoping to add random character trait generation that can hinder or help your climb so things like charisma or whether you are tech savvy. Basically keep looking busy to reduce the ‘suspicion meter’ on npcs so carrying paper and walking around. The higher you go the harder it is to remain inconspicuous. Also getting higher may require you to collect ranked access keys or passes to enter certain areas.

This is my first time doing this sorta thing and I want to make it as polished as possible which means some form of random generation of the floors. If you like this idea or have any suggestions please leave a reply. It will be greatly appreciated πŸ™‚

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