7DRL 2014 – Yet another Time Travel game

I am again going to attempt the time travel roguelike project that I did with the Reset Button.  However this time I will write it in Unity.  Gameplay will be like a bullet hell/shooter (small collision box), but it will be a fusion of turn based and real time; enemies will only move simultaneously when you move.  To make when you shoot and using the time travel mechanic more important, enemies will only be vulnerable at particular moments in time.  Here are my two big goals for this project:

-Getting the time travel mechanic working.  Maybe I bit off too much by doing a real-time version.
-Instead of procedurally generating terrain, I will be focused on generating challenging enemies procedurally.  What should make this procedural generation interesting is generating how enemies move through time and making dependency chains.

Anyways, I will start on this in about 2 days.  Wish me luck.  Also, how do I register this in procedural death jam?

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