Hacking as a rogue like game. [Title still being worked on]

My game ideea takes place in a not so distant future, inside a robot manufacturing factory.

To complete the mission, the player must descend to the lowest level of the underground robot manufacturing company and install a virus into the mainframe computer.

Doing so he must overcome several security systems, automatic robot and human guardians, and complete puzzles.

Every system in the game will be programmable using a LUA like language, meaning that guard robots can be reprogrammed to work for the player.

You can choose to play tactic like Shoot first, write code later, or a stealthy infiltrator approach where you highjack the network communications to make your presence undetected and descend to the lowest level in order to complete the mission.

More details will be available on my fresh blog (mmmm, i love the smell of freshly created blogs).


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