Sleepy Goblin YA7DRLC2K14IP, or Yet Another Seven Day Roguelike Challenge 2014 Introductory Post

Hey everyone!

I’m going to participate in this year’s challenge with a bit of a twist on the classic rogue setting: you are one of the monsters standing in the way of achieving the ultimate glory for the endless stream of brave adventurers, righteous knights and curious explorers descending into the dungeon:  a goblin!

Are you a hideous creature lusting blood as the sole reason of its existence, or just a sleep loving dungeon dweller, ever-threatened by the noisy intruders?

The game will be written in Python, with the help of the excellent library libtcod. I’m planning on dedicating about 3-4 hours a day of my time to the challenge and keep the scope fairly tight.

More info to be followed!


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