The Curse of Midas

The ancient Phrygian King Midas, granted a boon by Dionysus, asked that everything he touched should turn to gold.  This seeming blessing turned out to be a curse: when he embraced his daughter, she turned into a golden statue.  Nor could he eat, as the bread he lifted to his lips became gold also.  In time, madness came upon him.  Fed by servants who tossed scraps into his mouth which he had to swallow whole upon the instant, Midas constructed a secret dungeon where he secreted all the gold he had made, all that which he created daily at his privy, and the golden statues of the many soldiers and servants who displeased him.  As his madness increased, his dungeon grew. Summoning wizards from far and wide, he caused them to populate the dungeon with monsters to guard his wealth and his shame.  Many of the less powerful wizards, their work complete, were themselves abandoned in the depths.  Eventually, Midas himself withdrew into the depths – some say he was transformed into a clanking immortal golem made all of gold.

So goes the legend, anyway.  You care little for its truth.  All you know is that in the mountains of Anatolia, on the run after the botched robbery of a Sultan’s estate, you stumbled upon a cave, which opened into a vault.  A vault of creatures – some of kinds you had never seen before.  A maze of glistening rooms and doorways, leading deep into the earth.  A vault of gold.  Gold and… something alien.  Some dark but glittering magic lingers here.

You are no king, but your love of the shining metal is no less than that of Midas, and much blood have you spilt in its quest.  Unsheathing your sword, you step boldly into the labyrinth.

Delve into the Vaults of Midas, adventurer, and grasp all the gold you can find.  Will you know satiation and retreat alive, or will your greed lead you ever deeper – perhaps even to an encounter with Midas himself?

Curse of Midas is intended to be an relatively abstract roguelike, in the style of Lost Labyrinth and similar games, with the main challenge being tactical killing or evasion of mostly immobile enemies.  It will be graphical but pretty basic in that regard, for now anyway.

It will be written in Monkey X, and I expect to release more or less identical versions on Flash, Android and PC.

Update (8 March): – my 168-hour window begins today at 3pm GMT.  The primary target will by Flash.  Monkey multi-targeting is excellent, but inevitably one must deal with things like aspect ratios and different audio formats.  I would hope to have the Android and Windows builds available very quickly, but I will be satisfied to finish a single target during the allotted timeframe.

Although I’ve done some previous work on a roguelike in Monkey, I’m starting from scratch coding this.  I will however be using pre-existing library functions for a basic game framework.



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  1. You’re right – I shortened it a bit. Thanks for your comments. Since I cannot start coding until tomorrow, I spent some time today drawing up the basic design and story. I hope the game lives up to it!

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