The Littlest Princess

I was going to make a leprechaun themed game, but I think after watching Frozen I’m going to go with princesses.

This will be a single screen low resolution grid, maybe 30×20 or less. It will have awesome 16×16 pixel graphics done with minimal skill. Some sound and music as well.

Mechanically it will be the standard procedural board with goodies and baddies spread throughout.

The gimmick will be that your princess can control ice. She can place ice blocks on the ground, or break them. She can freeze baddies and kick them into other baddies and get more goodies.

With cutesy theme and easy controls I’m hoping for this to appeal to my nieces. They are currently between the ages of 1 and 5…so maybe a little young but I’ve been wanting to make them something for a long time.

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