RogueCraft is a tribute to my favorite games: roguelikes and Minecraft, written in python with support from the libtcod library.

I will put some updates here but I have also created a dedicated blog:

The world is corrupted. Monsters roam the land and nowhere is safe anymore. Legends say that the source of evil lies deep in a cave, in a forgotten island. You, the hero, have been sent there but your ship crashed on the reef and you are the sole survivor. You have lost all your equipement, but at least made it to the shore. Explore the land, build a shelter, forge weapons, and defeat the darkness !

Mockup of the interface:


The game design follows a few strict rules:

  • ASCII graphics.
  • Screen size, limited to 40×25 characters from a 16×16 font.
  • Procedurally generated world, with an overworld island and 12 underground dungeons.
  • Possibility to shape the landscape and craft tools/weapons/armor.
  • Permadeath: hero and dungeons are deleted on death but overworld lanscape and constructions survive.
  • All decisions are taken using standard d6

The hero has 4 characteristics: HP, A, D, and H

  • Health Points represent the hero’s life. If this counter reaches 0 you are dead
  • Attack describes how many damage you can inflict each turn (A x 1d6) 
  • Defense is your protection, each turn you can absorb (D x 1d6) damage
  • H is your hunger bar. When empty you have 1/6 chance of losing 1 HP each turn

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