Stubborn Warriors (1DRL)

Ok, I’m in. It’s my first experience with writing roguelikes and actually writing games, too.

A game is a 1DRL in both meanings – it’s “one-day-roguelike” (to my deepest regret I don’t have a chance to spend 7 days on writing a roguelike) and it’s a “one-dimensional-roguelike” (how that can be fun you ask?)

The idea is very simple: you have three brave warriors who are on the warpath with evil. Each of them has his own path and his own destiny and his own skills. They can only move forward and backward – no turns. Also they can’t act differently – you say ‘jump’ – and they all will jump, you say ‘go forward’ and they will all go forward.

Hope it will be fun.

P.S. Updates will be published here:

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