7DRL 2014: Blackguard

Despite tinkering with roguelike development for a few years now, this will be my first time entering the 7DRL challenge. I’ll be using a roguelike library that I’ve developed in my spare time over the last ~8 months, which I’ve dubbed ‘Blackguard’ (as in a synonym of ‘rogue’, not the DnD interpretation). It’s written in C++, uses SDL2 for rendering, and is focused on tile-based games. Right now, it provides the basic game data structures you’d expect, along with pathfinding and simple enemy AI. For anyone interested, I’ve made it available open source here.

My main goal for this week is to make my first complete game using this library, so I’m aiming for something fairly simple and traditional in terms of gameplay. That said, I also intend to experiment with the idea of minimising the amount of numbers the player sees describing the game state, and expressing combat, item attributes, etc. in a more narrative way.

I haven’t figured out a final name yet, so I’ll go with the working title ‘Blackguard’ for now.

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