7drl: ‘Conquer’ and Streaming Development Live

So for my 7 Day Roguelike I’m developing a concept where along with the idea of random items, terrain, and permadeath, players will able to find random generated companions to form an army in which to defeat different stages. Right now I plan on having companions have random skills or equipment that the player can use; thus being the medium in which a play gather new items and abilities rather than just finding items(although I’m not throwing out that idea quite yet). Thats the gist of what I’m going for but depending on time I’m hoping the flesh out the idea more.

I will also be live streaming the development over at http://www.twitch.tv/interwebsninja, where I should be live after 5pm PST throughout the week, and answering question or taking comments. (be warned, you may not like my taste in music)

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