Blitz it up!

It’s this time of the year again? No, I’m not talking /well, writing/ about the International Women’s Day /that’s yesterday’s news/ – I’m talking about the 7DRL! /It seems like the last one was just a week ago. Or two./

Our last year’s try – first called Clerk’s Creed and then Office Crawl – is still not finished /although, its third incarnation is 98% completed/ but this year we want to dabble in a topic that is especially close to our hearts: TANKS! /no, not because of World of Tanks, thank you very much/

I’ve thought long and hard, and let me tell you: finding a name for a tank game is bloody difficult. Everything is either generic or taken. So I settled on Blitz it up! and hope that during my quick google lookup I haven’t missed something that would make me change it.

Wish us luck!


our previous attempt:

Who are we?

Tom – programmer, writer, dad, jack of all trades, long time admirer of tanks and other armoured warfare marvels. Owner of  [pl only]

Merry – doodler, dreamer, sleepyhead, daughter, freelance graphic designer and sort of illustrator, having a very complicated love/hate relationship with Adobe software. Especially fond of MK V /it’s sooooo pretty!/ and Challenger. On the side note, tank or no tank, Leclerc will always make me think of ‘Allo ‘Allo.
Still working on her online portfolio at [still…]

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