Hellspace: Day 1

I’m quite happy with yesterdays progress.

I’ve done the menu, and the intro/closing cutscenes. I have the basic shape of the one giant space-station level complete (but no rooms or internal structure), and the primary obstacles to the next section in place. Angling sections of map is in place, but there’s something wrong with with it – once you get a few angled sections away, the offset isn’t quite right and the areas begin to overlap as can be seen in the left section of the catwalk in the below screenshot:

I dunno what could be causing that, maybe a rounding error somewhere? Maybe because it can’t rotate on the centre pixel of a tile because they’re 16 pixels each? Well it might be getting on my nerves a bit, but Its good enough for now – I’ll see if I have time to fix it at the end of the week.

I’m excited though! It’s otherwise looking good!

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