Blackguard: Day 1 Update

Day one has gone fairly smoothly, though I haven’t got as much done as I would have liked, mostly due to being distracted by some real-life errands. However, the rest of my week is all clear, so it’s full steam ahead from here. So far, I have the basic framework set up, area generation is done aside from fine-tuning, and the player can move around the level.

Blackguard: Day 1 - An empty cave
Blackguard: Day 1 – An empty cave

If the graphics look familiar, it’s because I’m using the Dungeon Crawl tileset.  As much as I would have liked to create my own graphics, time is of the essence, and this tileset is perfect for my purposes.

One of the main things I was hoping to get out of this project was a sense of how easy or hard it is to use my library to make a game from scratch, and I’ve already made a long list of potential improvements. That said, I managed to get things up and running fairly quickly, so I’m pretty happy with it overall.

The agenda for tomorrow is items, equipment, and inventory management.

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