Announcement: Caverns of Curse

History tells of an ancient curse, laid upon the kingdom by the arcane magic of the wizard king Gorgomax. Somewhere deep beneath the surface of the earth lies the lingering presence of his dark magic in the form of a rift between dimensions. A portal to the unknown realms of terror, leaking horrible entities into the world!

In a courageous decision, you venture forth to vanquish the evil existing deep within the bowels of the…


Our team is working on a non-traditional roguelike. It is multiplayer, realtime and has favors twitchy action gameplay over complex RPG elements. So far we don’t have much going on visually but we have a 3D for the characters/enemies and a 2D artist for the environment.

We’re working in Unity3d. Most of the work so far has been programming. After three days of work we have:

  • Some basic level generation.
  • Level builder that constructs the map and adds tile textures.
  • Player movement.
  • Camera movement.
  • Basic inventory system.
  • Lots of completed music ready to go!

This is a pretty ambitious project so we’re hoping to be able to get it done in time, but we might end up taking an extra weekend. Either way I will try to have some screenshots ready soon.


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