cyberdekay – my first 7drl


this is my first 7drl and the only roguelikes i’ve spent much time with play fast and loose with the “rules”, so mine will too – sue me

i’ve salvaged the visuals and general idea from my failed attempt at the #cyberpunkjam – now for 7drl i have a clear idea of the gameplay i want so i’ve been writing map generation / visuals for the first two days

the rough idea is you need to hack a file before the viral memory corruption overwhelms you – hacking takes time, but so does fleeing the virus. the idea’ll be to explore the memory space looking for programs and using them to manipulate the map e.g copying one block to another to create a path for yourself

all the programs you’re using, and the file you need to decrypt in order to win, are stored in memory – so to get anywhere you’re going to have to keep backing them up to avoid losing them to corruption! the strength of your character will be in the programs you’ve managed to bring with you, uncorrupted

cyberdekay early


Author: Mark Wonnacott

i like to make experimental games, often with exciting graphics. author of cyberdekay, chaos wizard, channel hopping

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