Deepshock’s 7DRL entry: Colosseum of Rogues

As a member of the fighting game community and the roguelike community, I decided to take on a challenge: Can I plausibly merge both genres in a seven day proof of concept? Can I make FG concepts work in a turn based context? Only one way to find out.

Your player character will be one from a selection of characters forced to fight for their freedom, battling their way through the rest of the roster in hand-to-hand combat, in order to challenge the Gatekeeper and win their freedom. My goal is to give the player character a basic attack, and a selection of special moves with far greater time costs but a better payoff than the basic attack. If time allows, I can expand on this idea and introduce more concepts like supers, attack strengths and terrain quirks. I will try to avoid making the biggest mistake of last year’s entry: Biting off more than I can chew.

The game structure will be first to two rounds, with both opponents’ life totals (and other things if I can add them in time) visible, and a timer that counts down in frames (the unit of time I use for variable-length turns and time costs).

More to follow as the roguelike progresses.  I can’t guarantee success, but I -can- guarantee doing my best.

Edit: At the time of this writing (This is Day 1), I’ve given basic attacks a startup time before they resolve, and I’ve given the attacks and special moves recovery values. In addition, I’ve added a basic UI that shows both combatant’s health values. Special move data is coded in, but the actual implementation thereof is incomplete. I’ll provide an actual file at the end of Day 2.

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