Dungeon Dual (2014 edition) – Day 1

Finally got around to starting my 7DRL — DUNGEON DUAL — on Sunday, around 11am Eastern. I am trying to focus on a FUN multiplayer/co-op implementation so I spent most of the day doing networking stuff, getting a tornado websockets test working, and setting up a basic django framework where users can login and start games.


For the game itself I am mostly gutting some robocaptain code that uses ROT.js and CoffeeScript.

I hope 7 days is enough time to make both the game itself and the co-op mechanic fun, but we’ll see…. goal for today will be to have the simple game talking to websockets 1-way. 2-way sync will likely take a few days. And then I will have Friday/Saturday to finish up the actual game mechanics.

I also discussed it a bit on reddit, and you also may remember the game name from last year, which failed miserably. šŸ™‚

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