Dungeon Dual – Day 1.5

Basic single-player game is working, thanks to gutting some existing code. Player can walk around and do basic inventory stuff – apply, equip, drop, remove, throw.

if only i had a way to fly over that chasm...

Monsters also mostly work, although I broke the flying mechanism at some point.

More importantly, the game is being hosted through my django web framework, so that game seeds can be stored and grabbed. This way every game with the same seed will generated the same levels, which makes a lot of the “sync” part of “asynchronous multiplayer” easier. (I hope? ROT.js has a built-in RNG engine so this should be cross-browser compatible)

Up next is getting the game to talk to websockets. THEN we can worry about talking back… and then there’s the whole “second player” thing. 🙂


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