Fida’i – End of day 1

At the end of day 1 I’ve butchered a bunch of previous code and reused some old algorithms along with tiles from previous projects to get the Frankenstein’s monster Fida’i up and running.

What I’ve got so far is a Wang tile random map generator which works from pre-set vaults, sometimes flips or mirrors these vaults as they’re slotted together and messed up a bit with a few drunken walks before checking to see if the whole map is connected.

The blue fields of view are neutral townsfolk who don’t suspect that you’re a vile murderer just yet. The plan is that when you engage in a some kind of evil act, like stealing, fighting or assassinating your enemy, then they’ll turn hostile. From there, I want other citizens who didn’t see your actual deed to be alarmed by seeing other alarmed citizens so that the words of your misdeeds would spread throughout the city as you try and escape.

Mix into that a few tricks of the thieves trade, such as locations where you can update your disguise and elude pursuers, smoke bombs, poison darts, caltrops, coins and other distractions to throw onto the ground to distract guards, and failing that stones you can throw which won’t distract the relaxed enemy but if someone is on alert then they’ll follow the sound.

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