Oceanographic Expedition XR31 Day 1

Day 1 Status

Day 1 went fairly well, although I’m worried about how much I can get done during this week, so I’ll be staying up to try and get as far as possible.

I based the maze off of some previous code snippets I had, and worked pretty quickly to get a cellular automation level generator, and a drunken walk to slightly alter the level and insure that each level is finishable. It looks rough, but it’s usable, and I plan to make use of the closed off cells once I add items.

I had a lot of trouble getting the jellyfish (first of several enemy types) to work, and they’re still a bit off (I’ve already noticed one bug, where around 10% of the time the drunken walk doesn’t load, and enemy movement is frozen). This is probably the largest project I’ve attempted to work on so far, and my inexperience with organization is showing. Hopefully I’ll have enough time to clean everything up.

GitHub: https://github.com/thepostalworker/oceanographicXR31

Dev blog: http://prolixpostaloffice.wordpress.com/

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