Poachers Will Be Decapitated! 13.5H report

13 hours, including a sleep. Got an @ on a nicely scrolling map with smooth movement. Fixed the FOV so that there aren’t edge artefacts when running. Computing FOV is slightly expensive due to the overhead in Griddle combined with the three-tile-wide buffer on each side of the screen. I’ll probably put sight range limits in the game to reduce this problem.

The quit button is currently broken, some of the map objects don’t get destroyed properly.

Next up: Interesting maps, random walkers, basic combat, and a trait system. I’m considering making combat deterministic (which will tie in with the theme of the game – random numbers are becoming as scarce as monsters), but I don’t know if I want to spend the extra time designing nonstandard combat.pwbd1

Author: srd

Author of KleinRL (14drl), Mutant Aliens! (7drl), Mutant Aristocrats! (1drl), Encircled (1.5drl), Schaak! (7drts), and CONVOLUTE (0hg). Likes turn-based games that minimise nonsense.

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