My first time….

In PowerSlave you are a pharaon that is forced to be buried alive. You must escape from the pyramid. Find the parts of the key and the exit room to escape.

My goal is to create a game that looks like a ZX Spectrum game (yes.. I’m old):

  • The pyramid is  actually a randomly generated maze of interconnected rooms
  • Rooms are generated randomly
  • Keys are located at special places in the maze.
  • Enemies in every room
  • Bosses in special rooms
  • 3 maze sizes (5m, 10m and 30m game sessions).

Currently, I have this (move using cursor keys – don’t forget to click over the room to start)

  • A test room
  • The hero sprite
  • The collision detection (slide)
  • A maze generation (a modified version of backtracking) – not in the game yet.

Inspiration from Atic Atac (gameplay) and Binding of Isaac (maze generation) games.


So far I’ve been using:

  • Adobe AIR + Starling + StarlingPunk
  • Flash Builder
  • Paint.net

Good luck to every one.

9 thoughts on “Powerslave”

  1. It DOES certainly have that Speccy look, brings me back!

    Big problem is that movement seems to be by pixels, and you need to be pixel perfect to enter narrow corridors (I could not do it at all except at the edges). You need wider corridors (the vertical corridors work okay, the horizontal ones don’t) or a different way of permitting movement.

  2. Do you eventually find out *why* you have to be a Powerslave? You don’t want to die, you’re a god, you have to live on! 😀

    I have to agree with Gerryq that it’s tough to get around corners and into corridors. You’ll hash that out. Keep going!

  3. HI gerryq and PlayDungeonmans,

    Thank you for testing this first version… really!!!!

    For me it’s very natural to move pressing two keys at the same time, so it’s simple to enter to corridors and that by sliding the hero overthe walls… but maybe it is a bias, and it is not natural at all. I will have to think about it…

    @PlayDungeonmans… you already found the secret message!!!!

    Thank you!!!

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