Rogue Station, Day 1

Day 1 has come and gone.

We’re using Unity3D for this project, and had a lot of asset store packs and a basic framework set up prior to starting. Our current asset list include:

  1. 2D Toolkit
  2. NGUI
  3. 2D Volumetric Lights
  4. 8 bit Retro Rampage SFX
  5. Master Audio
  6. Dialoguer
  7. iTween
  8. UnityVS
  9. Unity Roguelike Kit (SquidLib port)
  10. ProD Gold Edition

We’re also using Oryx’ low-fi scifi tileset and Game Icons.Net.

I contacted Mirko Ruckels and asked for permission to use his music, and we’re lucky enough that we’ve been allowed to use his superb atmospheric ambient music as a backdrop to our game.
On the code front we set up a main menu, a win and lose condition, got a basic “dungeon” procedurally generated with theme-based rooms/decoration and some basic UI elements set up.

Rogue Station Main Menu
Rogue Station Dungeon Generation

New day, much can happen in 24 hours!

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