The Littlest Princess Update 1


Slow start. Looks like I have to rebuild my roguelike engine from the ground up, and this pisses me off to no end. I use Gamemaker and the changes in Studio broke my old engine. Tried to use an old version of Gamemaker (version 8) but am having trouble getting it onto my new computer using my old license. So fuck it. Rebuilding.

No biggie, it’ll just take me 2 days to rebuild, and I have to throw out some of the animation for now. So my pieces will not move smoothly so much, but rather they will jump from spot to spot as is classic for roguelikes. I’ll spruce it all up if/when I have time.

One thing I’m pumped about is that my characters are wrapping around the screen just fine. This is supposed to be a ‘cutesy arcade RL’ so going off of one side and coming back on the other side of the screen is a must.

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