7DArrrL – Day 2

End of the second day, and I’ve got basic sailing physics and key interface elements done.Day2 - 48 Hrs

The key parts of the physics engine I’ve pulled out of my old game Super Hover Blast, but I had to add a lot of extra stuff to that to effectively simulate sailing.  The way the system works is that you have two types of sails – Square-rigged and Fore ‘n’ Aft.  Square-rigged sails are faster provided you’re sailing with the wind behind you, but are pretty much useless if it isn’t.  Fore ‘n’ Aft sails are slower in general, but allow you to sail closer to the wind.  Implementing that was a whole lot of vectory fun, but it seems to work quite well now it’s in.  Still, I’m starting to wish I’d stuck with a nice grid-based roguelike so that I didn’t have to worry about physics at all.

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