ASCIIMOV, work in progress

Despite the final days before project presentations at my school, I decided to make a roguelike for 7DRL. I heard about games that generates from your file system… but what about the opposite?
A roguelike in a file system !
This one uses WebGL + WebAudio and works well in the latest Firefox/Chrome/IEnoSound :


ASCIIMOV takes place in an infinite file system. You are lost in a deep folder, and your goal is to go back… to the root!
You can enter a folder by typing “cd “, go to the parent folder with “cd ..”, open files with “cat “, delete enemies with the “rm” command, pick up items with “pick”… and more. The tab key also works to auto-complete file names to speed up typing.
Actually, this is much like a basic command line. This is nerdy, this is crazy, a bit boring at the moment but I just reached the “playable” milestone.
If anything doesn’t runs well on your web browser, please let me know!

Now, I go back to my Javascript… fancier stuff coming soon!

Author: Zylann

I make video games and audio stuff.

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