Blackguard: Day 2 Update

After committing countless programming sins in the name of celerity, day 2 is over and the basic equipment system is mostly in place. Implementing the items was reasonably quick, and most of the day was actually consumed working out issues with the scrolling viewport that follows the player around the area. This is something that my library doesn’t yet provide, so I had to hack it in from scratch. I also completed transitioning between areas, so the game now consists of an infinite cave system filled with random items that you can equip and not much else.

Blackguard: Day 2

As you can see, equipped items are displayed on the character model. This was something I wanted to do from the beginning, and it didn’t take long to add – the worst part was getting the sprite sheets together.

I’ve decided to go with a very simple inventory system – you can pick up and equip one of each item type (weapon, armour, etc.), and if you want something else, you have to leave what you had behind. Depending on how the combat implementation goes, I may need something more sophisticated.

Tomorrow, I’ll be working out procedural  item generation and hopefully adding some enemies to the game.


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