cyberdekay update

think it’s day three now. this morning i implemented player movement, which was a real pain because my data structures are awfully designed so passability isn’t easy to work out.

this evening i completed the core player interaction, which is linking data tiles to each other. with that finished i can begin implementing the various program behaviours and start turning this thing into a game.

other things on my todo list are implementing the virus stuff, making / adding audio, and maybe a intro screen or something.

if you want to try and understand the gameplay a little more: each block of the map has a memory access tile, in the gif i link an access tile to a copy tile and then to another access tile – when it’s implemented that’ll mean that the second map block is overwritten with a copy of the first.


Author: Mark Wonnacott

i like to make experimental games, often with exciting graphics. author of cyberdekay, chaos wizard, channel hopping

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